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Rare & Exclusive Content Creations

Curated by Media Arts Specialist & Educational Technologist, D.Bail

WORLD PREMIERE: THE          -                PODCAST 

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DJ Mister Cee Dedication           LOL (Live on Location)               The Convo Podcast

In this special tribute to DJ Kay Slay, D.Bail talks about the legendary icon and his contributions to Hip Hop, the Mixtape Awards, and meeting/interviewing the "Drama King".

Catch D.Bail on the streets in the tri-state area repping radio station royalty, 107.5 WBLS & HOT 97.

Produced and moderated by D.Bail, 'The Convo' features engaging, thought-provoking interviews with amazing guests from all walks of life.

Home of 

Everyday 96


EverydaY 96 is a collection of "Audio Archives Visual Podcasts" dedicated to the urban culture that is namesaked after the year 1996.  Hosted, created, and produced by 'Media Arts Specialist' D.Bail, the Soundcloud clip below focuses on the mixtape release 'Vol 3' from the hottest record label on the East Coast at the time, Bad Boy Records. The year is 1996. This special edition of Everyday 96 stars two musical maestros who set the bar for finding and shaping talent, Puff Daddy and DJ Stretch Armstrong.


Take a navigational trip down memory lane and let's all continue to respect, analyze, and create dialog regarding the musical history of Hip-Hop.  

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Shipping is FREE.


Grustle Media has much more original content on the way! Thanks for pressing play. 

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